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How to Know Your Printer Is Double-dealing To You?

If you have been using a printer since long, you must have come across situations when the printer stopped working and the reason was that cartridges are empty. It is also possible you could not believe it being empty because perhaps you had changed it not long back or maybe because your prints were good. Read further to get the help from the professionals

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that the cartridges would be really empty the prints would come out faded. This is the most prominent indication that shows that your ink and cartridges have gone empty. If you cannot observe this and your printer is showing error or has stopped working, it is advisable to check few points. For example if you cover the sensor connected to the printer’s cartridges and the printer starts working properly, this means that there is some problem with the sensor and not that the cartridges have gone empty. With the automated printers this kind of situation is quite common and dealing with it is not very difficult either. If your printer has stopped working it is good to call Canon printer tech support and get the problem solved immediately.

Taking care of the cost of ink and cartridge is very important because if you change the cartridge before it needs to, regardless of the reason, your cost of keeping and maintaining a printer will shoot a lot high. Most of the updated printers are outfitted with sensors or software that try to predict and convey information to you that your printer has run out of ink. It is designed to be correct, but often people have found that practically these make the printer stop working much before they actually should.

So, the next time you get such a message, call Canon printer tech support number and make sure the technician go through each aspect and check out whether you actually need to change the cartridges or refill the ink or not. The instructions given by laser printers have fooled many people especially when you are naïve. So, there is nothing wrong in checking few points because all of us look for saving money wherever possible.

Some printers get back to life by pressing few buttons while some would get back to work by covering the sensor that reads the condition of the cartridge. In the end everyone who owns a printer, no matter whether it is for home use or business use, wants the printer to work uninterrupted and unconditionally. When you will check a printer’s manual you will find solutions to some simple and quite common problems faced by users.

Some of the printers simply start working if you remove your toner cartridge for 15 – 20 minutes and then replace the same. The softwarepredicts that the old one has been replaced and the printer starts working efficiently once again. Calling Canon printer technical support number would be of great help during such situations. However, these tricks could be applied only to the laser printers and doing this with inkjet printers might be dangerous.